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Whether or not a person will receive spousal support will depend on several factors, including:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The financial ability of one spouse to pay spousal support
  • The earning ability of the other spouse

Miami Dade, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale clients involved in a long term marriage where both people worked making comparable incomes and pension plans will most likely not be eligible for spousal support.  On the other hand, a stay at home mom with no marketable skills or individual pension plan will probably be able to receive spousal support.  In order to receive spousal support, a client must have been in a “long-term marriage,” which is usually considered to be at least 10 years.  The type of spousal support to be received depends largely on the financial situation that was present during the marriage. 

South Florida family attorney Sean Sweeney represents clients on both sides of spousal support situations and are familiar with the following types of spousal support: 

  • Temporary Spousal Support:  Temporary spousal support is given so that the spouse can maintain his or her lifestyle during the time between separation and divorce. 
  • Rehabilitative Spousal Support:  Rehabilitative spousal support is given so that a spouse can “rehabilitate” themselves, meaning finding a job or education to become more self-sufficient.  This type of spousal support is set for a fixed period of time.
  • Permanent Spousal Support:  Permanent spousal support is given for the duration of the payer or recipient’s life until death or remarriage, whichever occurs first.  Sometimes this type of support can continue even after a remarriage depending upon the plan outlined by court. 
  • Reimbursement Spousal Support:  Reimbursement spousal support is paid so that one spouse can reimburse the other for certain expenses they incurred during the marriage.  For example, if you helped put your spouse through college by working, you could receive reimbursement spousal support. 

Contact a South Florida Family Law Attorney at The Sweeney Law Group today with any questions you may have regarding spousal support!

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